Looking at What’s Behind a Corporate Identity

Image Description: BRAND IDENTITY text on a magnifier with clipboard on blue background

There’s no arguing that today’s marketplace is highly competitive and seems to be getting more so every day. It also grows at a similar pace as its global aspect becomes a bigger part of the equation. Because of that, companies continue to put more emphasis on developing strong identities.

Building visibility, public understanding, awareness, and eventual support of the company brand is essential for achieving goals and growth.

What mindset is needed to appreciate the value of corporate identity and move forward on its development?

First, know your audience. Today’s customer base is more worldly, discerning, demanding, and more distracted than ever before. They want to know the company behind the brand of the product or service they’re interested in. What does that company stand for? Will they support their products? The challenge in supplying this information is today’s customers have a limited attention span and strive for instant gratification. Assume they aren’t going to work to understand what you’re trying to say. So, for your brand, make the message easily consumable.

The limited attention span stems from all the noise the consumers are subjected to daily. They are being hit with a massive amount of messages through online sources, social media, television (broadcast and streaming), and all the others. They’re all presenting the public with more products, brands, logos… more of everything.

The best way for a company to stand out and introduce new products or services is to build an identity. That identity needs to generate awareness and create recognizability, especially with the company’s umbrella brand.

Lastly, a well-produced corporate identity is imperative to achieving various corporate objectives. Yes, attracting customers that lead to increased sales is a desired end result, but there’s more. It attracts investors. It attracts good employees. And, in times of need, it can be a key part of obtaining positive support for the company.